How to Design an Online Course with Backwards Design

All you need to know about the simple, yet effective instructional design model.


Learn the Fundamentals

Courses should be designed with the end goals in mind. This thinking allows you to see how your students are learning with each activity. If you follow the steps outlined in this course, you'll learn to create an incredible learning experience.

Models, Templates, and Guides

Download the tools to help you succeed.


Learn from examples of real courses.

Assessments and Feedback

Complete assignments to make the information stick and receive guidance.

Angel R.

"Although I have no experience with designing a course yet, this gave me a true foundation on the process of what consists in Backwards Design. I have watched a Youtube video on Bloom's Taxonomy prior to this online course, but being able to utilize the chart in a real world example made a huge difference in applying it. I really enjoyed how simplified all the worksheets were created for us to plug and play a real life scenario of designing a nutrition course! Course mapping opened my eyes to how much thought and creativity can be put into a module. I didn't realize the amount of options there were in content delivery until they were listed in these modules and am eager to learn more about all of them. I am sure that Backwards Design will be my go to strategy when designing online courses in the near future appreciate all the time and effort that was put into this content! "

Shihua C.

"Luke is the best instructional designer ever. I benefited from his wealth of knowledge and mentoring. His backward design course taught me everything about the instruction design process using simple language. He validated my feelings and offered critical feedback to help me thrive as a new instructional designer. After working with Luke, you will have a better understanding of the instructional design world but also become a better communicator."

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Luke Hobson is the author of the book What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer and the host of the Dr. Luke Hobson Podcast. He's the Senior Instructional Designer and Program Manager for MIT, leading the design of the online professional development programs. He's also an adjunct instructor for the MBA and Management Programs at SNHU.

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