Why Instructional Design Institute?


Courses in IDI

Below are the current course offerings in IDI.

How to Design an Online Course from Scratch

Start learning about the fundamentals of instructional design. You'll learn each step in order to design an incredible learning experience for your students.

How to Design Online Courses Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL is a framework to provide every opportunity for students to learn how they want to learn. Learn about reducing barriers and making your courses more flexible.

How to Use LinkedIn and Glassdoor

Today's instructional designer needs to know how to use LinkedIn and Glassdoor. These tools will help you with building your network, determining where you want to work, and researching your salary.

How to Design Podcasts for Online Courses

Podcasts are the most flexible learning tools out there. Learn every step on how to design captivating podcasts for your online courses.

How to Revise an Online Course

Every course can improved. This module will teach you about the course revision process and how to collect, analyze, and apply student feedback.

How to Collaborate with SMEs

SMEs are essential in the instructional design process. Learn about effective strategies for working with any SME.

How to Design Scenario-Based Learning Problems 

Want to apply real-world content to your courses? Learn the fundamentals of scenario-based learning and how this strategy will engage your students.

Why Enroll?

Educators today find themselves looking to improve their instructional design skills and the online learning experience, but the truth is that every way we know how to teach ourselves takes too much time.

Think about it.

Courses, books, conferences, and degrees are all valuable, but they can't teach you a skill quickly.

  • Have you ever signed up for a course before and didn't log in again after the first week? 
  • Have you ever started reading a book, but didn't make it past the 2nd chapter?
  • Have you ever signed up for a webinar or conference, but the timing wasn't ideal and you never sat down to watch the recording?
  • Have you ever enrolled in a degree and realized it wasn't what you were looking for halfway through?

I hear these comments all the time and it made me realize that when it comes to professional development, educators need a better way to learn about online learning.

That's why I created Instructional Design Institute.

I can teach you real tangible skills about instructional design and online learning in an effective and engaging way. If you want to quickly make your online courses better, I'm here to help.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

What does the institute look like on the inside? It's clean look and feel is easy to use on your phone or laptop.

Benefits of Instructional Design Institute


Join the community of lifelong learners. If you are passionate about education, you'll fit right in.


Receive guidance and feedback to make your online courses engaging and effective.


Learn by doing. You'll develop tangible skills by practicing, applying, and reflecting on real-world problems.

Community, Coaching, and Content

This is an institute founded on the three C's: community, coaching, and content.


We know from decades of research that finding like minded people is essential to making change. I’ve met so many amazing educators and I wanted place where they can all come together, share ideas, celebrate wins, and solve challenges about their courses.


I’m also here for you as your instructor. I provide guidance, feedback, and shorten down for you the latest in research and how to use it. Additionally, I host monthly live Q&A calls to bring everyone together, talk about our wins, and solve problems together.


Last, but certainly not least, I need to talk about the content. I’ve designed the content to make you involved and engaged in the learning process. Are there readings and videos? Of course, but there are also practice questions, reflections, open response assessments, discussions, step by step guides, scripts, and takeaways. The lessons are designed around what can help you immediately with your courses.


"There are very few people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting who are genuinely passionate about the work they do while supporting their peers progression simultaneously- Luke is that exception. He will always have a fan in me."

Syeda F.
Course Strategist

"Luke Hobson is one of the most influential IDs in the game who is making great strides in moving the education sector forward. He's personable, knowledgable, humble, and passionate about ID and teaching."

Holly O.
Assistant Director of Instructional Design

"Luke is the best instructional designer ever. I benefited from his wealth of knowledge and mentoring. His backward design course taught me everything about the instruction design process using simple language. He validated my feelings and offered critical feedback to help me thrive as a new instructional designer. After working with Luke, you will have a better understanding of the instructional design world but also become a better communicator"

Shihua C.
Instructional Designer

""Although I have no experience with designing a course yet, this gave me a true foundation on the process of what consists in Backwards Design. I have watched a Youtube video on Bloom's Taxonomy prior to this online course, but being able to utilize the chart in a real world example made a huge difference in applying it. I really enjoyed how simplified all the worksheets were created for us to plug and play a real life scenario of designing a nutrition course! Course mapping opened my eyes to how much thought and creativity can be put into a module. I didn't realize the amount of options there were in content delivery until they were listed in these modules and am eager to learn more about all of them. I am sure that Backwards Design will be my go to strategy when designing online courses in the near future appreciate all the time and effort that was put into this content!""

Angel R.
Computer Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're an instructional designer, instructor, teacher, or any kind of educator who cares about the online learning experience, you're in the right place. Some of our members are K-12 teachers trying to transition to the instructional design field, while others are instructional design veterans looking to sharpen their skills. 

This institute was designed to save educators time when it comes to learning about instructional design and making the online learning experience more meaningful. Anyone from any experience is welcomed here!

The courses' content was designed to be relevant for your needs today. The content development process is always evolving too. New challenges have been popping up every day during the pandemic so I'll be releasing new content each month to stay relevant and teach you the latest best practices. 

As of January, there are five lessons:

  • How to Design Scenario-Based Learning Problems
  • How to Design Podcasts for Online Courses
  • How to Revise an Online Course
  • How to Collaborate with SMEs
  • How to Design Courses Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

These lessons are designed for you to learn real tangible skills that you can apply immediately into your online courses. 

I'm so glad you asked! This content was designed using the latest research on instructional design practices and my real life applications of how I have implemented them at some of the most well known universities. I've done the research for you on what's effective and what students enjoy, so you can feel confident in that these skills will help your online courses. The modules are designed with active learning strategies in mind. You won't be watching 45 minute videos in here! The content has practice questions, assessments, reflections, and sharing opportunities to constantly keep you engaged.

As a member of the institute, your success is my priority. I'll be in the forums to help guide you through difficult problems and provide suggestions. If you need support and feedback on items, I'm here to help. Also, each month I host a Q&A member only call. This is our chance to come together as a community and discuss the latest in online learning and what challenges we're facing.

The community is the best part of the institute. You'll be able to connect with other educators and make friends with like minded people. We call ourselves learning nerds and for a good reason! Our passion is education. In the community, you can celebrate wins, share success stories, ask questions, and just nerd out!

It depends upon the institution, but we do have members from K-12 schools and universities who use professional development funding to pay for their memberships. You can download our template to explain more about the benefits of the institute to your manager. 

Absolutely. You should be able to learn at your own time. We're all busy adults with families, jobs, and other important commitments. As long as you are a member of Instructional Design Institute, your content will never disappear so you can learn at your own pace.

The free trial period for the membership is 14 days. 

No, you don't. I've found that many new instructional designers and instructors jump right into technology for trying to make their online courses better. However, understanding the online learning process is far more important.  I've been in higher education for 10 years, and rarely have I had to ever use software with my online courses. A majority of the universities and schools primarily use an LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, or Brightspace. I would much rather teach you about effective online learning strategies using an LMS and help you feel confident with the learning process. 


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